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You might have heard that we're relocating. It's true! Not to worry, we're not going far. By the end of September we expect to be in our new location at 114 West South Boundary in the Country Charm Shopping Center in between Dollar General and the Summit Salon Academy (literally across the street from our current location). If you pass by Country Charm, you'll see a sign up that says, "Salon and Spa"....well, that's us!

Construction is under way and it's looking amazing!

Those Brows Are On FLEEK!

Do you have an extra fifteen minutes in your day? We can use that time to shape your brows to perfection! All it takes is a few extra minutes added to your appointment time and you'll be the envy of anyone with eyebrows. Just mention that you'd like to add a brow wax to your appointment when scheduling. We'll be happy to accommodate you!

First Haircut? OUCH!

If you're a parent, there is going to come a day when your child will need to have his/her first haircut. We have a few tips that might make the experience a bit easier for everyone involved.

First, NEVER use the word, "cut" when talking about your child's first haircut. To kids, the word, "cut" has a very negative association. It means pain and hurt. Instead, use the word, "trim". Talk to them about making their hair pretty or handsome. Pretend to give your child haircuts (I mean TRIMS) at home.

Back to School? Already?

Pencils? Check!
Notebooks? Check!
Computers, Internet connection and extra charging cords? Check, check and check!

Is it really that time of year already? Well, if you consider television advertising as any indication, it sure is.

It's also that time of year to undo some of the damage caused by too much time in the pool and out in the sun. A Malibu Treatment can help get metals and other deposits from excess swimming out of your child's hair.

Don't let your kids go back to school without a fresh haircut.

Vip Membership packages

Have you ever wished you could get your hair done every day? Well, NOW YOU CAN! 

Visions Salon & Spais the only salon in the area offering exclusive monthly memberships for hair, nail and spa services. Unlimited blow-outs, cuts, color, facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures! 

• One low monthly automatic payment
• Unlimited visits...and we truly mean UNLIMITED!
• Amazing value!
• Refer a friend a get a free month!*
*Referred guest must be a first time visitor to Visions Salon

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Back to School? Already?
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